New Album

“Fired From Cruise Ships” Now Available on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube

From 2017 to 2019 Peter headlined cruise ships for a cruise line we’ll call Swedish Oil Tankers.

Peter had to do family oriented sets for the 7p and 9p shows. That’s fine. He’ll kowtow once and awhile if he can do his thing later. The 11p shows were advertised as 18+, adult content, anything goes. That’s a worthy trade; he’ll make the grannies and the kiddos forget about death for thirty five minutes if you allow him to have his peace and talk freely later.

Needless to say, the high seas have their limits. The middle-class, middle-American audience members (which are 95% fine) who were offended that someone dare make them question who they are once and awhile got him cancelled from cruise ships.

“Cancelled from Cruise Ships” should have been the title of this album. Oh well.

Anyway, this is the set that got Peter fired. Enjoy.