A Letter To My Local Representative: Vote For Bernie Sanders

Dear Xavier Becerra,

I ask you change your super delegate vote to Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee.

As a mathematics degree holding citizen, and current/constant student of political science, anthropology, psychology, biology, physics, theology and history, as well as an accountant, educator, and comedian… my life’s work of continuing a personal education of all things Life lead me to the logical and moral conclusion, Bernie Sanders is our best hope to win the Democratic Presidency.

One of Bernie Sanders main goals as president will be the social cause of wealth redistribution, arguably, the constant and paramount theme of all society’s success and failure.

Easter Island chiefs and priests claimed relations to the gods to elevate themselves to an elite status as a reason to have lower classes give them a sacrifice or “tax” ultimately leading to the island’s deforestation and eventual collapse.

In Roman society, the leading elites’ continued desires for excessive luxuries lead to heavier burdens on the peasants and “working class” pushing them to an unsustainable level of debt and misery which ultimately lead to its collapse.

In in the Ch’in Dynasty, Han Empire, and several other occasions in Chinese history, aggressive military expansion combined with elitist excess lead to rebellions among the peasants as their bottom rung in Maslow’s hierarchy was wiped from their feet.

When the few have many and the many have few, the base of your societal pyramid erodes.

America is nearing this point. If the system of modern, free-market capitalism is not mitigated in some respect, the system will continue on its trajectory to grow with no bounds. The problem is Earth, our only habitable planet, is a closed system (with the exception of incoming sunlight). Money is the means in which a society accesses its resources. If Earth is a closed system with no additional resources, then money cannot grow without bounds. Everything under our atmosphere is all we have, and therefore, caps must eventually be placed on this machine lest we exhaust ourselves in this systematic attempt to shift all resources from the bottom to top.

This is all without mentioning how income inequality has direct impacts on education, crime, substance abuse, and the very notion of racism itself as the whole concept was created to generate mental and moral rationalizations for slavery in colonial America despite Darwin’s proof the only differences between humans are hereditary and ideological.

Why Bernie and not Hillary? Since the Republican Party’s nominee is most likely to be Donald Drumpf, there must be a balance on the Left’s side. Hillary unfortunately is not “liberal” enough to balance out the rhetoric and promises of Drumpf.

Drumpf should not even be considered a Republican. His party affiliation has flip flopped so much to suit him when he needs it (as he will do and say anything to get what he wants), the only effective counter to his Independent status would be another Independent; Bernie Sanders.

Bernie is so far left he’s off the political spectrum and Drumpf so far right, they each have started their own personal and political parties and movements. Drumpf’s party is one of lies, racism, and fear, while Sanders is one of integrity, accountability, consistency, and ultimately, the only one with a clear and effective plan to resolve America’s most concerning issues.

Bernie has the power of his track record on civil rights, healthcare, economic inequality and veteran welfare to convince more undecided, independent, and swing voters to vote for him. His clear and constant 30 year message is the tent pole to withstand Drumpf’s ever shifting winds of change.

America’s political psyche is divided. When a circle is cut, a two-pointed line is created. Two points, which were previously infinitely close, are now at opposite extremes. Sanders and Drumpf are such extremes. They are the symbolic representations of our psyche’s split. Two sides of the same coin as it were.

Sanders is Batman, seeking the best for his city while trying to minimize harm, while Drumpf is the Joker with no care for the well-being of the citizens, attempting to create chaos for his own satisfaction.

And while it may be fun to root for the Joker and the chaos he represents, ultimately, it is Batman who wins every time.

I urge you Mr. Becerra to please change your super delegate vote to Bernie Sanders.

A Thoughtful Citizen,

Peter Banachowski


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