A Diplomatic Shift

If the fight against terrorism means 44 dead children in four weeks, America needs to rethink it’s strategy.

122 ISIS fighters were killed in the same time meaning America’s actions read as, “3 dead ISIS fighters are worth 1 dead child”, never even comprehending that 1 dead child probably generates 3 new, future ISIS members. We’re in a constant cycle of generating future terrorism for ourselves.

Ideologies can’t be bombed or shot. They’re a kind of mental tunnel vision, only broadened through experience, education, and compassion.

War is to the country as torture is to the individual. It doesn’t work in achieving the goal. The US Government’s own research has validated this point saying the best way to get something you want from someone else is “rapport building”.

Without America taking the role of leader in an international, diplomatic shift, we’re bound for more of the same, and Billy Preston’s “Will It Go Round In Circles” plays on repeat in my head.