If you’ve gone your entire life without knowing a woman, or any person, sexually assaulted, molested, or raped… kudos

If you have, you understand why they don’t always come forward. You understand why they have nothing to gain from coming forward, and stand only to lose.

Interesting tidbit from history; when Freud was interviewing women with “hysteria” (definition: from the Greek root meaning ‘uterus.’ Originally, it was believed that hysteria and hysterical symptoms were caused by a defect in the womb, and thus, only women could become hysterical), he found nearly all the women with “hysteria” had a history of rape or molestation. Hysteria was essentially PTSD. Outbursts from women experiencing their equivalent to a Vietnam flashback were written off by men as “crazy” and “probably on her period”.

The number of women experiencing hysteria was so many, it startled Freud. He couldn’t believe so many women, from so many backgrounds had these experiences, and just the sheer number of women he saw in his daily life, diagnosed with hysteria. He saw a dark side to society unseen by anyone before; the implication that so many men were committing these acts going unnoticed and without care. He stopped investigating and the effects, causes, and discussion of sexual trauma stay buried for decades.

There are other judges. Pick one without sexual assault allegations. Some say, “But every judge will have some woman come forward and accuse him”. Garland didn’t. Gorsuch didn’t. It’s possible.

But the real fear in America, of this accusation, is that of Freud’s; the unwillingness, and unreadiness, to confront the issue of the sheer volume and scope of sexual assault within our nation, especially that of men against women (in the Catholic church’s case; men against boys), and on college campuses.