Adaptation of German Law Strafgesetzbuch Section 86a: A Letter to My Representative

Dear Representative Gomez, The hatred and bigotry of the Nazi party is no secret. The values and core rhetoric espoused by their group since it’s inception is of disgusting, wholly un-American values. After World War II, in an effort to combat the spread of objectively evil ideology and actions, Germany … Continue Reading Adaptation of German Law Strafgesetzbuch Section 86a: A Letter to My Representative

What to Say

Knowing what to say is an envious quality. My Saturday morning was spent as it usually is, volunteering with homeless youth at the center off Skid Row. The students were many and tutors few, so I had to come up with an educational game that could handle many kids. A … Continue Reading What to Say


Asking As King As King would wont to do As King I would be As King, I wouldn’t make promises As King, I’d know the hearts of men. As King, I wouldn’t be able to know you all. As King, I would have to leave some behind. As King, I … Continue Reading Asking

A Diplomatic Shift

If the fight against terrorism means 44 dead children in four weeks, America needs to rethink it’s strategy. 122 ISIS fighters were killed in the same time meaning America’s actions read as, “3 dead ISIS fighters are worth 1 dead child”, never even comprehending that 1 dead child probably generates 3 … Continue Reading A Diplomatic Shift

100 Hours

As 2016 comes to the end of it’s death march and 2017 awakens with all the elegance of a passed out tramp rousing from a night-long bender, like many, I can’t help but reflect on the year’s events and what they meant for me. New Year’s Resolutions are poppycock for … Continue Reading 100 Hours

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge is power.      Knowledge is power because we fear the unknown.      The bump in the night could be rabbit or lion.      It is unknown.      Fear is the heart of ignorance.      To ignore is to not know.      To not know is to be uncertain.      To be uncertain is to be insecure. … Continue Reading Knowledge Is Power

I Tap Her Temple

I spent the day today chaperoning a field trip for youth in transitional housing (the majority of which are children of color), as part of an organization I work for as a volunteer. Due to someone side-swiping the bus before the trip even began, we were forced to take the metro … Continue Reading I Tap Her Temple

A Letter To My Local Representative: Vote For Bernie Sanders

Dear Xavier Becerra, I ask you change your super delegate vote to Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nominee. As a mathematics degree holding citizen, and current/constant student of political science, anthropology, psychology, biology, physics, theology and history, as well as an accountant, educator, and comedian… my life’s work of continuing … Continue Reading A Letter To My Local Representative: Vote For Bernie Sanders